Bitfinex Moves Massive Amounts of Ether to Single Wallet


On an unexpected turn, recent ETH trades on the Bitfinex exchange have shown massive amounts of ether being transferred to a single wallet, supposedly belonging to a hacker and/or Bitfinex themselves. We urge anyone trading ETH to withdraw immediately. Details regarding the situation are currently vague as to what is happening and the source of […]

Net Neutrality & Crypto Markets: High Risks


  In light of the recent uprise against the proposed repeal of Net Neutrality by the FCC comes a whole line of predicted changes following a successful passing—economic changes being the most concerning, especially for the crypto market. Now knowing how vital network dependency is for running exchanges in the cryptocurrency market, creating new regulations […]

Tether USD Backing: The Controversy

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Tether is a platform which allows you to store, send and receive digital tokens which are pegged to dollars, euros, and yen person-to-person, globally, instantly, and securely for a fraction of the cost of any alternative. The service conceptually has its hopes in backing popular digital cryptocurrency, such as BTC, with 1-to-1 ratios of existing […]


The Ultimate Guide for Trading BTC with Leverage

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The Ultimate Guide for Trading BTC with Leverage   INTRODUCTION Among the modern BTC trading industry, there are two primary methods for how assets are exchanged, or traded, among others in the same market. Leverage and Margin are the most popular, and though having much to do with each other, they are very different methods […]

Zcoin HF: A Study of Incidence Response Gone Right

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Whenever you see news of a breach, it is almost always negative with information on how “incalculable damage, ” or it is a great a catastrophe. However, once every blue moon, we get a report of an incident response done right. Incidence Response is how a company, organization, or in this case coin responds to […]

Benefits of Blockchain in the Utility and Service Industry

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All businesses are based on transactions. However, the routing of these transactions is often done through external intermediaries, such as banks, lawyers, and agents – which can lead to slow and costly processing. The blockchain technology has the potential to reduce the role of intermediaries, drastically accelerating the transactions of multiple participants and reducing costs, […]

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Top 4 Best Ways On how To Spend Bitcoin That Are A Must Try!


  Bitcoin is a fantastic cryptocurrency that is associated with various opportunities and advantages. However, holding your bitcoin without using them will drain all of those positives to waste. Surveys done by cryptocurrency experts have revealed that there will be a success of bitcoin as a global online mode of payment if people use it […]