The Business Behind Pump and Dumps: An Inside Look

Pump and Dumps are the banes of any growing market, where most lose while a…


TokenBnk: Bringing The Benefits of Savings to Crypto

TokenBnk is the new leader in the evolution of a decentralized crypto-banking system that we…

Zameer Jiwani

CryptoShuffler: The Human Vulnerability in Bitcoin

For the past few months, cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin (BTC) have been skyrocketing in value. Now…

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Light Speed Growth: The Rise of Litecoin

Bitcoin has been making huge headlines in the past weeks, leaving the lesser-known cousin Litecoin…


Amazon Buys Cryptocurrency Related Domains

Amazon, the frontrunner in e-commerce, retail, groceries, shipping, may be looking into the cryptocurrency market.…

Zameer Jiwani

Cryptocurrency Regulation: An Observation

The Below Article Was Commisioned By LBTC to the CryptoBulletz. Over the past few years,…


Dealing With ICOs An Alternate Take

ICOs. The bane and joy of an investors life. This is my take to my…


Researching New ICOs

In 2017, cryptocurrencies have seen an over-exaggerated increase in popularity which is evident on social…

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Alloy Review – Video

Investing in the Alloy Token


SelfPay – Prioritizing Crypto as a Payment Method

General Overview SelfPay is an ongoing ICO that has been advertised as a future way…