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Top 4 Best Ways On how To Spend Bitcoin That Are A Must Try!

  Bitcoin is a fantastic cryptocurrency that is associated with various opportunities and advantages. However, holding your bitcoin without using them will drain all of those positives to waste. Surveys done by cryptocurrency experts have revealed that there will be a success of bitcoin as a global online mode of payment if people use it […]

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Cryptocurrency Regulation: An Observation

The Below Article Was Commisioned By LBTC to the CryptoBulletz. Over the past few years, Bitcoin surged from the dark corners of the virtually unknown to a $185-billion-dollar marketplace where cryptocurrencies are bought and sold by millions daily. Gone are the stone ages. Welcome to an era where Bitcoin, Ripple and Ethereum alike are discussed […]

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CureCoin, Leveraging the blockchain for science

      A blatant problem that has plagued cryptocurrencies since their inception is the huge amount of electricity their networks consume. By nature, these networks require participants to compute a Proof of Work to help secure transactions. However, these proofs of work most often have no intrinsic value. Curecoin presents itself as the solution […]

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Arctic Coin Paves Forward A New Way To Forge Cryptocurrency Markets

Very rarely is said that cryptocurrencies’ fanbase and developers are loyal to the coin. They may be loyal to the profits that come from the coin but rarely from the coin itself. The developers of Arctic coin have been moving this coin forward in ways not thought of before. Many coins have tried to earn […]

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