The Business Behind Pump and Dumps: An Inside Look

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Pump and Dumps are the banes of any growing market, where most lose while a select few make a generous profit. The ethics of this business is murky at best and downright abysmal at worse. Now while these Pump and Dump groups have started to lose effectiveness as the market cap for cryptocurrency grows which […]

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TokenBnk: Bringing The Benefits of Savings to Crypto

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TokenBnk is the new leader in the evolution of a decentralized crypto-banking system that we are still getting a widespread handle on. As Bitcoin soars past $7,300 the token based world is starting to consider what the future of cryptocurrency looks like. TokenBnk is part of this showing how saving your crypto-dollars is good instead […]

CryptoShuffler: The Human Vulnerability in Bitcoin

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For the past few months, cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin (BTC) have been skyrocketing in value. Now that bitcoin has surpassed a value of $7000, it’s at a high risk for hackers with malicious intent. Bitcoin, by nature and definition, seems unhackable, but it very well may be. First, the user is still a human, and any […]

Amazon Buys Cryptocurrency Related Domains

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Amazon, the frontrunner in e-commerce, retail, groceries, shipping, may be looking into the cryptocurrency market. On Wednesday, November 1 Amazon registered three crypto related domain names, according to DomainNameWire. The three domains,,, and were all registered at the same time. Amazon also owns, which further strengthens the speculation that Amazon may […]

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Cryptocurrency Regulation: An Observation

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The Below Article Was Commisioned By LBTC to the CryptoBulletz. Over the past few years, Bitcoin surged from the dark corners of the virtually unknown to a $185-billion-dollar marketplace where cryptocurrencies are bought and sold by millions daily. Gone are the stone ages. Welcome to an era where Bitcoin, Ripple and Ethereum alike are discussed […]


SelfPay – Prioritizing Crypto as a Payment Method

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General Overview SelfPay is an ongoing ICO that has been advertised as a future way to incentivize cryptocurrency in point of sale situations. SelfPay brings many interesting solutions to the table, most of all in my opinion such as intervisitation via transaction fees, they claim on page 4 of their whitepaper that 20% of their […]